Fun Spring Outfit Ideas and Trends for the Active Young Boy
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Fun Spring Outfit Ideas and Trends for the Active Young Boy

If you’ve got an active young boy, keeping him in clothes is likely a challenge. For boys that are constantly full of energy, you want to go with clothing that’s as comfortable and sturdy as it is stylish. Get your little man ready for a spring full of fun and activity with the latest outfit ideas and trends. 

 To help you out, we’ve put together some of the best in boy’s clothing for spring 2019.

A Little Bit Rock and Roll 

Anything that’s a little bit rock and roll is in for boys right now, and it’s as hip and cool as it is comfortable. Rock themed t-shirts, hoodies, and hats are all on-trend. Start with baggy rocker pants, top with a graphic t-shirt, add a guitar hoodie, and then top it all off with a rock and roll hat (like the one this kid is rocking) and cool unlaced sneakers and you have a winning outfit. 

Black and White with Colorful Accessories 

If you like keeping your young man’s clothing simple, you’ll love the black and white trend that’s so popular this spring. Start with black and white basics like black jeans and a black and white long-sleeved shirt. The trick is to add colorful accessories that provide a bit of pop, such as bright red sneaks or a cool ball cap in a standout shade.

Shirt Tied Around the Waist 

You’re probably aware that the ‘90s looks are making a big comeback in women’s, men’s, and even kids’ fashions, and the shirt tied around the waist is just one more example. According to OutFitTrends, little boys and teen boys alike are picking up this trend, using long sleeved shirts (like the popular flannel shirts) as a belt by tying them around the waist. 

Anything in Brown 

According to FashionBeans, anything in brown is on-trend for men right now, and brown is super trendy in boy’s wear as well. Helped along a bit by the ‘70s revival in the fashion world, jackets, pants, suits, hats, and shoes in brown are all hot right now. This trend is expected to stick around, so stock up on brown wardrobe staples for your little man. 

Comfortable Tracksuits 

Tracksuits offer many benefits – they’re affordable, they’re durable enough for active boys, and they’re also in style right now. Available in many different styles and colors, you can find tracksuits to fit your boy’s unique taste. Comfort and practicality meet with tracksuits, and they’re sure to get bonus points because they’re so quick and easy to get on if you have a morning where everyone’s running late. 

Combine Overalls with Anything

Overalls are the perfect addition to your little man’s wardrobe this spring. Why? They can be combined with anything this spring. Start with baggy, oversized overalls and boys can wear hoodies (check out this kiddie Instagram style icon) or t-shirts underneath for a laid-back look. 

Want to dress it up a bit? Simply put a cashmere turtleneck beneath those overalls, and you have something that’s not quite as casual. Look for overalls this spring from top designers like Armani Junior, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana for kids. 

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