Teen Boy’s Fashion: 6 Swag Celebrity-Inspired Outfit Ideas for Spring
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Teen Boy’s Fashion: 6 Swag Celebrity-Inspired Outfit Ideas for Spring

Trying to pick out the coolest styles for spring? Take a look at celebrities. Younger celebrities like Jaden Smith, Justin Bieber, Joe Jonas, and even Liam Hemsworth all rock some great outfits. From the trendy puffer jacket to sleeveless hoodies, we’ve put together six swag celebrity-inspired outfit ideas you’ll want to rock yourself for spring 2019.

1 – The Puffer Jacket 

The puffer jacket trend was hot this past winter, and since spring still comes with chilly days, it’s still an excellent addition to your spring 2019 wardrobe. Most of the young stars have puffer jackets, like Joe Jonas, who rocked the puffer jacket style with his girlfriend, Sophie Turner. 

Pull off his look by going with a black puffer, loose black pants, a black cap, and black sneakers. Sure it’s spring, but all-black is still swag.

2 – Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are a throwback trend that keep coming back in style, and Kanye West and other celebrities are fans. When going with ripped or distressed jeans, keep your outfit fairly simple. Top the jeans with a plain white t-shirt like Kanye and add a pair of cool sneaks that add some color to your look. 

3 – Sleeveless Hoodie 

Known for his sleeveless looks, it’s no surprise that Justin Bieber is also a fan of the sleeveless hoodie. Bieber tends to pair up all his sleeveless choices with baggy pants. 

Just keep the look simply by sticking with simple colors like black and white. You can also wear that sleeveless hoodie over your favorite denim jeans with a pair of black boots for a whole new swag look. 

4 – The Colorful Beanie Hat 

Beanies happen to be a stylish and functional winter staple, but celebrities have shown us that a beanie is on-point all year long. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to style them right, and it’s the perfect way to hide messy hair while adding a cool touch to your outfit. Celebrities like Robert Pattinson, Ashton Kutcher, and Justin Bieber have worn beanies, and with nearly anything. And really, you can wear one with anything! Ashton Kutcher once wore one with a suit — enough said. 

5 – Statement Red Hat(Bieber)

Back to Bieber — he’s also made the statement red hat a popular choice. Start with a simple t-shirt and baggy zipped pants in a matching color. Wear a pair of boots, and then complete the outfit with the red baseball cap for a big pop of color. Want to completely replicate his style? Add a watch or a chain to your look. 

6 – A Shirt Around the Waist

You might not have been around for the ‘90s, but ‘90s fashion is coming back big. Young celebrities are jumping on board with retro fashion, and one of these cool trends is wearing a shirt around your waist, tying the arms like a belt. Take some inspiration from Pharrell Williams, tying the shirt low around your hips over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Top with a leather jacket and add sunglasses and you’ve perfected the look. 

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