The Biggest Trends in Boy’s Fashion for Spring 2020
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The Biggest Trends in Boy’s Fashion for Spring 2020

Boys seem to outgrow their clothes faster than you can get through a load of laundry, so now that spring’s almost here, you’ll want to consider the latest boy’s fashion trends as you do your quarterly shopping. To help you make sure your boy is the hippest one on the block, we’ve put together a look at some of the top trends for spring 2019. 

All About Coral 

Pantone announced that Living Coral is the color of the year for 2020, and even in boy’s styles, it’s all about coral. Many boy’s brands are using the shade this spring. Look for coral crew neck shirts, coral t-shirts, and even coral shorts to add to your boy’s wardrobe, and he’ll be right on-trend.  

Mickey Mouse Goes Hip

You already know that boys love the Disney crew, especially Mickey. However, for spring 2020 Mickey Mouse is getting a hip new makeover. Look for soft sweatshirts with leather Mickey ears on it or t-shirts that feature Mickey’s face in soft fabrics. It’s really all about the hip details with Disney themed clothing this year. 

Grandpa-Style Sweaters

There’s nothing cuter than a five-year-old that looks like he’s going on 70, and this spring Grandpa sweaters are a fashionable spring staple for those cooler days. They’re not just hip, they’re cozy too. 

Stick with the “grandpa-style” by choosing sweaters with pockets and unique patterns

Practical Pockets 

While practical pockets have been a big hit on the men’s runway, they’ve become stylish in boy’s wear as well. If you have a kid who always seems to accumulate knickknacks to carry around, it’s a practical way to make a fashion statement. 

Look for chore jackets with pockets, cargo shorts with big pockets, or a pair of overalls that feature special utilitarian pockets. 

Prince George Inspired Loafers 

Mothers across the world have “oohed and awed” over Prince George’s loafers, and it so happens that preppy loafers are in for spring 2020.

They’re sophisticated and comfortable, and they’ll add a bit of royal style to your boy’s wardrobe as the weather gets warmer. Pair the loafers with a pair of long pants, a graphic t-shirt, and a snappy blazer for a modern look.

The Baker Boy Hat

The Baker Boy hat has been a huge spring trend for women, but it’s also stylish for boys this spring, too. 

The classic hat looks dashing with nearly anything in your little guy’s closet, from a preppy blazer to jeans and one of the seasons Mickey sweatshirts. 

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