Brooke Webb: Secrets to a Styled Lifestyle
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Brooke Webb: Secrets to a Styled Lifestyle

If you’ve ever seen someone with a perfect nose, chances are she’ll tell you that it’s natural or there’s this life-changing YouTube tutorial on contouring that she’s been watching. Amazing outfits are always “vintage” or else they “can’t remember where it’s from.” “I’ve never had Botox” says the girl whose forehead doesn’t move. And have you ever tried getting a secret recipe? It’s likely missing half the ingredients. 

We all do things to perfect our lives, to make it seem like these things are so effortless and, when we’re called out on them, it’s only natural to hide. After all, doesn’t that undermine the point? But then there are a small group of women with confidence. They don’t get dressed for you nor do they get Botox for you, they look good because they want to. They’re the girls who can unabashedly talk about the latest beauty procedure they’ve tried and are always excited to help out another girl with tips and tricks. Brooke Webb has pretty figured out and she’s sharing!

A genuine southern belle, Brooke Webb lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Peter, and their two children. “My family means the absolute world to me and being a great wife and momma is always my #1 priority!” While working as a VP in human resources, Brooke needed an outlet into which she could pour her creative fashion energy. Although it began as a part-time passion, Brooke left the corporate world behind and launched herself into KBStyled full-time. “KBStyled represents the modern everyday woman…the woman who wants to feel inspired, encouraged, and uplifted. The woman who wants to style herself, her family, her home, and everything in between beautifully and in a way that makes her feel her very best.” Brooke shares tips and inspiration on a variety of topics including home décor, fashion, travel, entertaining and the like. The content is relatable, enjoyable and so so pretty!

Rainbow Connection

To leave the house, we’re all getting dressed. It’s pants or a skirt, a top, shoes and a matching bag if we’re feeling extra. Instead of the same old, Brooke Webb put together an outfit we’d wear all day and look cute no matter where those yellow sandals took us. And our favorite part? She’s transparent with the outfit price and it’s less than $200! Brooke wore a rainbow striped sweater with drop shoulders and relaxed sleeves. She tucked it into a pair of high waisted jeans, slid into a pair of yellow suede block heel sandals and topped it off with a cognac colored bucket bag. Sweet, approachable and yet so styled.

Color Pop

When there’s no time, energy or willpower to pick an outfit, everyone has their go-to. Usually it’s draped over a chair for easy access or just coming out of the wash because clothes need to get washed sometimes. A great way to spice up your oldies but goodies is to add a pop of color. Most of the time it’s a cool pair of earrings, a crazy color shoe or a new handbag. Those are small, subtle pops. If you want to make a STATEMENT, try a cool cardigan. Brooke wore a pair of jeans, white t-shirt and sand colored booties with a white crossbody bag. Simple, right? She went from girl next door to girl, YES! by adding a colorful striped cardigan and mirrored shades. A pair of yellow tassel earrings tied the whole look together and we’re kind of obsessed.


Animal prints are having a moment in the fashion spotlight with snakeskin being among the most popular ones. If ever you had a question as to how much snakeskin is too much? Brooke has an answer for you and it’s “no such thing!” She wore a cocktail-length snakeskin patterned wrap dress with matching snakeskin mules. A white hat and black bag cut through the noisy print and stacked gold bracelets and a watch added an air of sophistication. Fashion is keeping up with the trends while style is knowing how to implement the trends, and Brooke has them both nailed.

Living a perfect life is pretty much near impossible but Brooke Webb shares her best tips on how to lead your most perfect life. She doesn’t pretend to have it all down but she does have it styled-KBStyled.

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