California Meets Texas in Fall Over Fashion Blog
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California Meets Texas in Fall Over Fashion Blog

California girl Amira Omar is living life large in Texas. She's a new mom with a young family, and she expresses her joy of life love of timeless style though plenty of floral prints and polka dots! See for yourself on Omar's fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, Fall Over Fashion. In addition to great prints, Omar's go-to items are colorful headbands and eye-catching earrings (she's actually rarely spotted without earrings). Her smile is infectious, and we're loving the fun she appears to be having in each photo as much as we're enjoying her beautiful outfits!

Check out the whole range of her cheerful looks on her Instagram page, @falloverfashion, or keep scrolling to see the outfits we've picked out for you here!

Navy Blue Dress with Pearl Hoop Earrings, Classic Handbag and Hair Ribbon

We said "Classic Handbag" in the title of this outfit, but it's really the whole look that embraces the classic style of the mid-20th Century, albeit with a couple of modern twists. Omar knows how to find the trendiest dress brands, and this short-sleeved dress is a deep blue that's flattering with just about any skin tone, and it's a timeless style that goes with a wide range of accessories. 

Here, Omar has made this look her own by opting for a classic style beige handbag, a bright red hair ribbon that pops nicely against both her dark hair and the dark blue of the dress, and perhaps most unique of all, pearl hoop earrings and a coordinating pearl bracelet! You can make this outfit your own by choosing your own jewelry and other accessories (consider the top sunglasses brands) that speak to your personal sense of style. 

Notice how Omar completes the look with classic-style makeup, including a bright red lip to complement the hair ribbon! That said, you can choose any makeup style you like for this look. Again, the great thing about classic styles is that they go with a lot of different things!

Tiered Polka Dot Dress with Pearl Earrings and Metallic Heels

How fun is this dress? The tiered and ruffled polka dot dress provides a lot of movement and creates an automatic cheerful presence, and it's a statement piece all on its own. You don't need to do a lot of accessorizing when you have a dress like this. Whether or not you use an actual polka dot dress to recreate this look for yourself, the main takeaway here is to keep the accessories simple and make sure they complement rather than overwhelm the statement dress. 

Here, Omar definitely keeps it on the simple side, finishing this look off with a pair of large pearl earrings (in a way, they help emphasize the polka dots) and a hair clip. On her feet are a pair of subtly flashy metallic heels with straps. This look would also work with a pair of black or white strappy heels.

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