Elly Brown: Uptown Girl, Down-to-earth World
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Elly Brown: Uptown Girl, Down-to-earth World

Mom. She has an endless supply of lipstick-kisses and passionate advice, dispensing them both regardless of the recipient’s desire. She is the woman cheering the loudest, holding the tightest and fighting the fiercest. But fashion… Can wearing the same shirt three days in a row count as fashion? While moms are applauded for doing amazing things, supermom’s cape isn’t generally Chanel. Rolling in the grass doesn't agree with Gucci, and Ferragamo despises finger paint. But there’s an awesome new mom on the block. Elly Brown runs after her kids and looks fabulous while doing it!

Uptown With Elly Brown was established in 2014 to “encourage and uplift women in all walks of life.” Mom-ing can be lonely. It can feel like an endless cycle of diapers, boo-boos and Target runs. Elly and her husband, Jordan, have three children with one on the way. She understands mom life and refuses to let it compromise who she is. And who Elly is, is a “lover of all things pretty and pink.” On her Instagram, Elly shares her love for fashion and family, and reconciles the two in the most uptown yet down-to-earth way.

Fierce Female

If ever there was an outfit to summarize Elly, this would be the one. The bold blue Nike sneakers and silver belt bag are chic yet practical, fantastic and functional. Adding to the fierce factor are her leopard biker shorts which are both comfortable and of-the-moment. 

Elly’s denim jacket ups the casual element and the gold bracelets turn casual into casual-chic. The piece most quintessentially Elly and on-brand with Uptown, however, is her t-shirt. Emblazoned with “The Future is Female.” It reiterates her strong, unwavering support of women everywhere.

(Not Too) Neon

Have you ever gotten dressed up just to sit around your house feeling good about yourself? You should! And this outfit will make a “holy chic!” statement whether you see it in your mirror at home or your reflection in a storefront window. Neon is not a trend most people feel comfortable immersing themselves in; it’s big, bold and blinding. In the right dosage, however, neon can take any outfit from “meh” to “yeah!” 

Realizing this, Elly took the trend, molded it to fit her style, and gave us a way to take it from day to night. She started with a neon pink dress that most of us would walk right past. Paired with a structured black blazer and matching belt, the dress was muted just enough to stay fun and be taken seriously. 

For the daytime, Elly wore leopard flats which she then switched to heeled black sandals for the evening. A classically quilted Chanel bag tied the look together, and Elly went out to paint the town neon!

I Heart You

Some days are for putting your hair up and organizing. They’re for throwing out that great big bag of hotel shampoos nabbed from the housekeeping cart, the sticky container of skincare samples you’ve been meaning to try and glancing in the direction of your goal weight clothes. But what happens if you have a surprise date later or an unexpected visitor? Or what’s if you ordered pizza? There’s no telling when you’ll have to look cute and this outfit says, “I’m irresistibly cute” so you can say, “oh this old thing? I just threw it on.” A great pair of jeans is a magical thing. They’re comfortable, fashionable and match everything. Distressed jeans elevate the personality of an outfit and infuse it with another layer of style. 

Elly paired her jeans with an adorable drop-shoulder, open-back pink sweater, dotted with red hearts. For a more composed look, Elly wore her hair down with a pink knotted headband and put it up into a red scrunchy for something less polished. There’s no mention of footwear because going barefoot is absolutely mandatory. Just make sure your pedicure is recent.

The balancing act of a mom is hard. Running errands between carpools, making sure everyone is fed and happy while simultaniously keeping the house from burning down is HARD. It's so difficult, in fact, that the only way not to lose yourself is to have a network of support. Elly Brown provides that support and shows women how fashion and family can coexist.

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