Farheen Valliani: Ordinarily Extraordinary
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Farheen Valliani: Ordinarily Extraordinary

There are some girls that are meant to be best friends. They know your secrets and love you in spite of them, raid your closet as if it was their own, and call your parents “mom” and “dad.” Best friends laugh with you, fight for you and have a barrage of positive affirmation statements always at the ready. Then there are some girls who can only be described as #goals. Goals girls have a perfect pooch and a supportive man. They travel to places like Paris and Bora Bora, spend Sunday morning in bed with pancakes and Sunday afternoon at cute cafes. What’s if you could have a girlfriend who is both your best friend and #goals? You can! Her name is Farheen Valliani.

Farheen Valliani calls Chicago home and, while she has reached extraordinary success, has not quit her day job of Research and Development Scientist. Farh From Ordinary is an exclusive look at the highly polished, carefully curated but totally relatable and approachable life of Farheen. As she so succinctly puts it, “Welcome to my life behind the lab coat!” With a style that combine sleek sophistication and girl boss attitude, Farheen Valliani is the ultimate fashion blogger best friend.

Always a Good Idea

Paris has long been heralded as the fashion capital of the world. It’s a city that gives people the right to dress up, lending an air of sophistication to even the most laid-back of outfits. Paris is a place where style is noticed, expected and appreciated. It only makes sense, then, that upon Farheen’s visit, she killed it with her street style. While Parisian fashion may evoke a sense of couture, it’s also the home of newsboy hats and minimalist makeup; Farheen effortlessly married to two in this look. 

Slogan tees are a great way to add some versatile pizzazz to an outfit. Paired with a greige paperbag skirt and charcoal colored over-the-knee boots, the ensemble screamed effortless yet extraordinary. To combat the chill, Farheen wore a grey longline cardigan and added a tomboy effect with her newsboy hat, John Lenon-inspired sunnies and her hair casually in a low bun. A black bag with gold chain handles completed this look which truly is far from ordinary.

Hear Me Roar

Some days call for an edgy elegance, a cool sort of cosmopolitan style to put an extra confidence in the sound of your heels against the pavement. On those days it’s easy to go down the black hole. You start with a black shirt and then suddenly you’re dressed all in black, looking like a funeral guest (albeit a stylish one). A printed skirt can save your outfit-and your mood, but only if done right. Farheen Valliani does it right! She started with a basic black turtleneck and tucked it into an uber flattering leopard printed midi skirt. Some layered necklaces, black not-quite-opaque sunglasses and a Gucci bag rounded out the accessories while her black leather chunky-heeled boots were made for catwalking. The city was Farheen's catwalk and we’re giving that show a standing O!

Woman in White

We all know the adage “rules were made to be broken” and it has never rung truer than right now. No white after Labor Day? Just ask Farheen what she thinks. Her white and black fashion week look throws that rule so far back into the past where it ought to stay. Farheen showed up in an exquisite white dress with a lace bodice and sleeves melting into a laser-cut pattern on the skirt. A black belt cinched her waist, statement earrings, well… made a statement, and a white and black patterned bag rounded out the look. Farheen wore her signature leather chunky heeled boots and redefined winter white.

If you were to quickly glance at Farheen Valliani’s Instagram page @fahrfromordinary, you’d probably think “just another intimidating fashion blogger I could never hope to be.” But if you were to keep scrolling and stop to read a comment or two, you’d see that quite the opposite is true. Yes, Farheen’s life is perfectly curated online, but she’s fun and she’s real! She's the antidote to a stressful day, the girl you sit on the couch with and sip a glass of wine. Farheen is fabulous, friendly and knows fashion like nobody's business.

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