Kerina Wang: Where Sexy Chic & Princess Sweetness Meet in Perfect Harmony
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Kerina Wang: Where Sexy Chic & Princess Sweetness Meet in Perfect Harmony

In a literal world full of fashion influencers whose claim to fame is making their name on the ‘gram, it’s next to impossible to stand out. It takes something—a little added moxie, a flair for adventure, a penchant for discovering for the next best thing, the ability to invent said next best thing. To become a true tastemaker requires more than an appreciation for fine fashion, although that obvious helps in droves.

Enter Kerina Wang (more affectionately known as Kerina Mango online), whose feed is like something straight out of a fairytale. It’s wondrous and enchanting—much like entering the fantasy world crafted in a Taylor Swift video, it feels magnetically unique, playful, and inviting at all once. You feel involved, somehow, thanks to Wang’s penchant to craft an Insta-world in which life is art. It’s high fashion to the nth degree, whether she’s posing outside of a local Starbucks or in front of a cab in New York City or on the beach in Cancun.

The beauty is that she doesn’t limit her fashionable finds to a few (admittedly glorious) photographs. She shares the love on her eponymous website, which is packed with valuable tips, fun pictorial essays, beauty advice, and travelogues that are sure to inspire a few visions of sun-drenched getaways of your own. She even offers a few carefully curated wares on her site, in case you don’t know where to begin and have fanciful visions of cultivating a similarly glossy, perfectly dressed and coiffed lifestyle.

Wang is unapologetically feminine in her approach to everyday style. Even her most casual ensembles reflect a certain sweetness and light that’s difficult to resist. Case in point: a snap from a brisk fall day in October showcased Wang in sleek, pale blue skinny jeans, a pair of TDF black lace-up boots, a cropped high-neck top, and the pièce de résistance: a plush, blush-toned teddy jacket.

She even provides visual guidance for taking the most perfect photograph, as evidenced by a visit to Washington, D.C. during springtime. In the shot, she’s surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms and suitably color coordinated in a cropped pink leather jacket and a flattering plum-toned A-line mini skirt. Talk about warm-weather perfection!

And a bout of seriously brisk weather—think snow and brrrr-worthy temperatures—is no match for the sartorial sensibilities of Wang. She captures the spirit of winter in an ensemble that seems borne of fashion fantasies, with a classic Chanel handbag slung over her shoulder, a red plaid coat adding festive charm, and a fluffy ivory scarf with matching mittens to complete the look. Did we mention the over-the-knee boots that would make Ariana green with envy?

Of course, not every look is defined by glamour. Her off-duty appeal is in her ability to concoct looks that are equally cute and comfortable. While yoga pants and T-shirts are certainly worth the consideration, it’s the cropped star-fronted sweater and stretchy black leggings that make this laid-back look so effortless and stylish at once.

Part of the allure of a well-rounded style influencer is the openness to embrace new adventures, fashions, and opportunities as they arise. While Wang may have a propensity to craft looks that are undeniably feminine and charming, she can also wear minx-worthy, edgy, rocker-chic styles with just as much confidence. Check how well she marries the sex appeal of a fierce black leather mini skirt with a sexy white lace bodysuit and finishes it off with a sheer black cropped top. The cascading waves and the sweet Balenciaga shoulder bag channel her innately softer style and create beautiful balance.

Kerina Wang: Where Sexy Chic & Princess Sweetness Meet in Perfect Harmony

Wang runs a tight digital ship, maintaining an active YouTube channel that covers everything from styling Forever 21 bodysuits to dealing with haters to achieving that mane of perfectly lush, bouncy waves. It creates an instant connection—another facet that only the most successful influencers do with such ease. As her Facebook biography explains, she exhibits “Everything a princess needs.” True words, indeed.

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