Lina Mayorga Knows What Fashion Essentials You Really Want
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Lina Mayorga Knows What Fashion Essentials You Really Want

We're often told that the fashion essentials every woman should have in her closet are, well, rather dull items. Sure, nobody's using the word "dull", but let's face it — basic white tees, little black dresses, black pumps and dark wash jeans, etc. are miles away from being the most fun and exciting items in our closets! But New York fashionista Lina Mayorga knows what essentials you really want-- and need-- in your closet to separate yourself from those dull everyday looks. She would be one to know, after all; she's a fashion and beauty influencer, fashion blogger, and sustainable fashion designer! 

Mayorga runs her own website, Fashion Fab News, which serves as a one-stop-shop for all things fashion and beauty advice and inspiration. From fashion show pics and previews of her new designs to blog articles on different kinds of necklines and collars you should know, Fashion Fab might just be one of our new favorite fashion websites. Oh, and did we mention she has over 35,000 followers on Instagram (@fashionfabnews) and counting? 

While we definitely recommend checking out Mayorga's website and social media asap, we've gone ahead and pulled a couple of her coolest fashion essentials looks for you to peruse. Trust us, we think you're going to like what you see!

Asymmetric Button-Down with Black Leggings and Booties

Button-down tops are often seen on many fashion essentials lists. But here, Mayorga takes a twist on it by adding in sheer sleeves, an asymmetric front and a plunging neckline. We also love how she made this light colored top really pop by putting it over black leggings, black booties and a high-neckline black tank. The gold statement earrings also really add some shine to her appearance and pop well on the dark and light colors of her ensemble. 

We always love how cool yet elegant an asymmetric top is, and it's especially eyecatching as a button-down. We're thinking this look could also be pulled off with a vest over an all-dark shirt and pants. And while we love the dark booties, we also think a pair of shiny booties could work really well here (especially if you don't have a top as cool as Mayorga's).

Deep Blue Cami with Bright Hairband and Athletic Leggings

Yeah, it's a casual look. But we love how eyecatching and effortlessly chic it is! Mayorga's all about sustainable fashion and redefining the essentials that we wear, and we can easily see the pieces in this ensemble taking over our basic workout wear or even errand-running looks. The deep blue camisole top is not only a shade that really pops, but we also love how it's cropped short and adds extra fun and confidence to the look as a result. High-waisted pants always pair well with a short-cropped shirt, and these athletic leggings are no exception! The bold orange hairband really caps off the look here, and we absolutely love how Mayorga went with some orange eyeshadow to match! 

The athletic leggings are obviously another essential everyone should have, but it's the bright hairband and top that we're most drawn to here. You can make this look your own by incorporating bright, eyecatching colors into your own workout outfits, and don't shy away from a short-cropped cami every now and then! And if hairbands aren't your think, we also see bold hair clips working here.

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