Looks Like Rein Celebrates Life and Nonmaterial Fashion
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Looks Like Rein Celebrates Life and Nonmaterial Fashion

As a mother to a four year old and a caregiver to adults with Autism, Oregon fashionista Cherein Cook has her hands full. Nevertheless, she strives to live life to the fullest and find meaning in every day. That's why her website, Looks Like Rein, is not just a fashion blog. Instead, it's a celebration of family and life in addition to beauty and style!

Cook encourages readers to write to her about their own sense of style and life experiences, and she is very open about her own. Her outfits reflect her life experiences, and while she is always dressed on point, the clothes only serve to complement life's joys. They are not the focal point, but they are fun! Check out Cook's Instagram (@cherein.cook), and you'll see an array of trendy, comfy clothing in earth tones and natural fabrics. Oh, and don't forget the occasional graphic tee! We've gone ahead and pulled a couple of our favorite looks here for you to preview. Enjoy!

Distressed Skinny Jeans with Button Down Cami Blouse

It's hard to go wrong with a good pair of distressed skinny jeans when running about during the day, but here Cook dresses the look up a bit with a unique button down cami blouse in creamy white. She completes the look with some brown leather flip flops and light jewelry.

To make this look your own, play around with the colors of the cami. We also see a variety of hairstyles working here, and we think a long side braid could be particularly stylish. You can play around with the jewelry too, but we suggest keeping it simple to maintain the casual, easygoing appearance of the outfit. In colder weather, pair this outfit with a brown leather jacket and some coordinating booties.

Light Green Jacket with Button Down Knit Shirt and Leggings

Cute, trendy and comfortable! This is an ideal look for going out shopping, meeting up with friends, taking the kids the school, and getting all of your daytime errands done. The main piece here is actually the knit beige button down shirt, thanks to Cook adding a slight bit of flair to by tying up the bottom in a knot. The light green jacket complements it, and the black leggings on her legs serve as a supporting base.

Cook completes this look with a pair of black slip on sneakers, a stylish pair of aviator sunglasses and a large brown handbag. She doesn't wear any jewelry hear save for a couple of rings, but we feel you can dress this look up if you want to with a necklace and maybe a simple black headband. We love the slip on sneakers in this look, but sandals or booties would also be a good look here.

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