Michelle From The Nativestilo: Colorful Chicago Glam
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Michelle From The Nativestilo: Colorful Chicago Glam

One of the best things about the fashion industry is that you can use your clothing to show off your personality and the things that matter to you. Michelle, founder of the fashion blog The Native Stilo, exemplifies this perfectly. Her colorful yet classy outfits are simultaneously fashion-forward and completely individual, inspired by her background as a stylist, her Mexican-American heritage, and growing up in Chicago, one of the most vibrant cities in the US. With each of her posts, Michelle aims to inspire readers to be totally and uniquely themselves. 

The name of Michelle's blog comes from one of her favorite Spanish words, estilo, which means style. Native Stilo refers to the idea that every person has a style that's native and unique to them. Michelle believes that everyone has an inner fashionista just waiting to be let out. She works in styling, and in each post, she shares tips for rocking the latest trends in your own way, and encourages readers to try out bold silhouettes and color. She lives in Chicago, and on her Instagram, you will find plenty of colorful and exciting urban street scenes, both in the Windy City and on her travels. Michelle is also an English literature student and loves dogs. 

This bold look could work for anything from a concert to date night to a casual sports game. Leopard print is in fashion right now, and Michelle shows how to rock it in a way that's flattering without being over-the-top. Although the skirt is sexy with a high slit, she pairs it with a denim jacket and graphic tee for a look that is daytime appropriate. The black lace-up sandals add height, but are still totally appropriate for walking around downtown. 

This cute layered look is perfect for Chicago's notoriously cold weather. Layering multiple scarves with a sweater is sure to keep you warm without adding too much bulk, and since every piece is in a neutral color, there's no clashing. Her boots are utilitarian enough for serious snow, but are stylish and versatile enough for day-to-day wear. Adding leather-trimmed pants makes the look a little more edgy and gives it a touch of street style. 

Pairing a statement sweater with a dressy asymmetrical skirt is a fun way to show off your personality and Michelle nails the look here. This cozy sweater keeps warm and adds some serious sass to the look, while the fluted cut of this skirt is incredibly flattering on any body type. Snakeskin booties add a fun pattern to the outfit. This outfit is incredibly versatile - you could wear it almost anywhere and be dressed to impress without overdoing it. 

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