Modern Fashion Gets Exotic and a Bit Wild with Mariamma Iris
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Modern Fashion Gets Exotic and a Bit Wild with Mariamma Iris

We'd love to spend a day hanging out with Mariamma Iris. This fashion and lifestyle influencer has lived in Montana, California and, currently, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Not only is she a blogger, but she's also an experienced photographer and dancer with a penchant for bold colors and a whole portfolio of looks from intriguing and exotic locations.

Just take a look at her blog, Mariamma Iris, and you'll see an array of dreamy, colorful photos that exemplify great style in enchanting places. Mariamma Iris can often be found sporting eyecatching solid colors, flowing fabrics and plenty of crop tops! Her style is very much old world meets new, and her looks often have a European vibe mixed with modern American boldness. You can view the full range of Mariamma's dreamy looks on her instagram, @mariammaIris, but we've gone ahead and selected a couple of our favorite looks of hers here. Enjoy!

Striped Crop Top with High Waist Cutoffs and Broad Rimmed Hat

This striped, off-the-shoulder crop top with balloon sleeves is one of those rare finds that goes with a wide variety of other pieces and can serve as either an outfit focal point or a complement. It's both beautiful and bold, providing both elegance and a daring "I got this" attitude. In this particular outfit, it is the focal point but also mixes well with the other pieces involved. 

Mariamma paired this top with high waisted denim shorts with a raw hem (also known as "cutoffs"). We love how she went with a high rise on these shorts because it draws them closer to the bottom of the top and makes the outfit appear more intentional and complete. The large belt around her middle helps make the shorts stand out more on their own and not get overshadowed by the top. 

She completes this look with a broad rimmed hat and a flowing hairstyle. It's pretty darn close to perfection if you ask us, but you can always nix the hat and opt for a different hairstyle if you wish. A headband would also go well here.

Long Side Slit Dress with Large Fur Coat

This look consists of two beautiful, stunning pieces paired unexpectedly together! First, let's discuss the dress. Mariamma always finds the hottest dress brands, and this one's a long, dark blue maxi style with a side slit and what appears to be a drop waist. Both the V-neck and the side slit help to draw the eye down towards her feet, on which she's wearing simple yet very fitting beige ankle strap high heels (If you're considering more elaborate shoes with this look, keep in mind that you don't want to make the outfit appear too busy with the other exciting pieces you already have).

Then there's the coat. It's a large fur coat that would be stunning with any outfit, but paired with this dress it feels extra dramatic. We're not seeing it being worn all evening with this outfit, but it will definitely make a statement upon both entrance and exit! The brown tones in the coat also play well with the beige of the shoes, balanced out well with the deep blue of the dress. That said, we feel a lighter colored fur coat would also work very well with this look. 

If you're looking to make this outfit you're own but don't want to go with a fur coat, try opting for an oversized coat made with synthetic materials instead.

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