She Said He Said: Chelsea and John are Fashion's Couple Goals
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She Said He Said: Chelsea and John are Fashion's Couple Goals

Instagram husband/boyfriend is the not so complimentary term used to describe the husbands/boyfriends of influencers. They’re usually the ones standing behind the phone camera, trying to catch the light, get the right angles and keep their (sometimes demanding) wives/girlfriends happy. They’re seen as simultaneously supporting their woman and being used by her; Instagram men are generally not envied. But, there is one that we are kind of wishing was in our corner-John Huber.

Chelsea Huber and her husband, John, have been living in the southern California for over a decade. They started She Said He Said in August of 2012 when “…we decided to share my daily outfits of feminine and classic pieces with a twist; a paragraph with his "say it like it is" point of view - about my fashion.” Their blog is full of fun, overflowing with pretty things and overall a vision board for couple goals. Chelsea and John speak in their own voices, support each other and live and love every day to the fullest.

Our Favorite Looks:

Spring weather is a funny thing. In our minds it's all full of balmy sunshine and maybe some light layers. But in truth, despite all of our hopes, the months of spring are full of fickle weather, cold mornings and hot afternoons.

Floral patterns can still come out to play, though, you don't have to wait until the summer. In this look, Chelsea embraced spring with the red, white and yellow flowers on her black top, keping her sleeves long and shoulders bare. A pair of classically ripped jeans was the perfect compliment to the outfit while a cognac colored tote bag matched Chelsea's shoes. Our favorite part of the look? The fresh bunch of white hydrangeas peeking out.

When you're just about done with the cold weather, it's time to take a stand. But take a smart stand and don't freeze! Layering is a great way to have fun with fashion while letting Mother Nature know she has no hold on you. Start with a simple dress like Chelsea did.

She chose a dark green number with a v neck and knot detail at the waist. A pair of brown boots nodded towards the cool weather while wearing them without leggings underneath were a testament toward the rising temperatures. Her brown suede moto jacket is an easy-on easy-off item while Chelsea's leopard print clutch added a punch of personality.

Investing in the right pieces is essential to keeping your wardrobe manageable and outfits fresh. A good bag, pair of shoes or shades are worth the financial commitment because more often than not, they elevate an outfit in a unique way. As Chelsea proves, a great suede moto jacket is well worth the investment.

She wears her brown one in three ways, and we're sure Chelsea has an infinite amount of ideas on how to wear it next. She's paired it with a snakeskin bodycon dress and a brown hat, green dress and leopard clutch, and geometric printed dress with light brown booties. Instead of a huge wardrobe of overly specific pieces, investing in the right ones will keep you looking cute without the headache.

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