Telling a Story Through Clothing with Jackie Dunn
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Telling a Story Through Clothing with Jackie Dunn

There are many different reasons people get into fashion. For some, it's because they want to look their best at all times. For others, it's about staying on trend and making their mark in history. For fashionista and Boston PR Professional Jacqueline "Jackie" Dunn, it's all about getting to tell one's personal story.

Born in New Jersey, raised by New Englanders and having traveled around the world, Dunn knows about having a story or two to share. She's the first to admit her style can't easily be defined, as it reflects the different places she's lived and has been influenced by those she's visited. And as much as she loves trying out new trends, this Instagram fashion model (follow her @7thandwillow) is all about revisiting past styles and revamping them for the modern woman.

Take a look at her awesome website, to learn more about Jackie Dunn and see her regularly updated styling tips. Can't wait and ready to take notes right now? Here are some of Jackie Dunn's best looks!

Print Midi Skirt with White Button Down Top

It's professional yet casual! It fits all kinds of warm-weather occasions and looks effortlessly chic! White button down tops fit with a wide variety of ensemble pieces, but they do risk looking too stuffy and uptight. Here, Jackie Dunn manages to loosen it up a bit by tying the bottom in a small knot, pairing it beautifully with an elegant, flowing print midi skirt. She completes the look with simple, beige heels. We love the white shirt contrasting the colorful, print skirt, but you of course can make this style your own by wearing the colors of your choice! If you're looking to go more casual, sub sandals in for heels.

Light Jacket Over Tee and Jeans

Sure, it's simple, but that's what makes it so great! This ensemble is the perfect go-to look for running errands during the day or dropping by any number of casual events. We're really digging how the light button front jacket, distressed jeans and light gray sneakers are so comfortable yet stylish. Still, it's the light brown crossbody handbag that really seals the deal. 

The horizontal striped shirt provides nice contrast to otherwise solid-color pieces, and its deeper tones pop fresh and clean under the light jacket. We love the stripes, but if they aren't your thing, you can opt for a solid color tee or another simple pattern top. If you're looking to dress this look up, try a blazer and heels in place of the jacket and sneakers!

Button Down Denim Babydoll Dress

There's multiple callbacks to 20th Century fashion trends here, and we're loving it all! This cute jean dress is paired with showstopping dark tights (nylons) and a fuzzy white turtleneck. She's both dressed uo and casual here, and this look works for so many different times of year! It's a look that is very much "now" while also have clear references to the 70s, 80s and 90s-- a timeless look that has widespread appeal!

As Jackie shows here, an enthusiastic smile on top of it all can make your look really glow! To make this look truly your own though, try going with a patterned turtleneck or lighter long sleeve shirt with cool designs on the sleeves. Small touches of jewelery can also amp up this look if you would like it just a little dressier.

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