Top 10 Dallas Fashion Bloggers
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Top 10 Dallas Fashion Bloggers

Google "Dallas Fashion Bloggers," and you'll get millions of results. While Dallas has long been known for being its own epicenter of style in the heart of Texas, it's been thriving in recent years on a more widespread fashion scale. The fashion and lifestyle influencers of Dallas have built up followings far and wide, across the Lone Star State and far beyond!

Our favorite Dallas style bloggers cleverly mix traditional bold Dallas style (everything's bigger in Texas!) with the more laid back, flowing looks of the modern international fashion scene. And of course, everything is adapted perfectly for that sunny, warm Texas weather!

It was tough, but we've managed to narrow down our Top 10 Dallas Fashion Bloggers. Keep in mind that this list is in no particular order— all of these bloggers are sources of inspiration!

Janene Crossley - Hello Ivory Rose

Go on over to Janene Crossley's blog, Hello Ivory Rose, and the charm is instant. This fashionista is a Dallas wife and mother who is as open about her love for her family and day-to-day life as she is about her passion for great style. There are real, raw experiences here in addition to picture-perfect outfits, and that's what we love about it. 

One of the things that makes Janene's style truly unique, however, is the fact that this mama of four frequently coordinates outfits for the entire family! Scroll through her instagram (@janenecrossley), and you'll see a colorful collection of photos showing Janene and her whole family in bright flowing fabrics, denim and exhilarating prints.

She's rarely captured alone, so staying true to Janene and the Hello Ivory Rose spirit, we've selected one of our favorite group looks for your preview pleasure.

This is one of the rarer occasions where Janene is not directly matching her family's outfits. However, the light blue jumpsuit she's wearing pairs nicely against the bright yellow of her daughters' dresses. Likewise, it coordinates with the denim and white in her son's outfit. 

Janene keeps with the cheerful vibes of this outfit by finishing her look off with a pair of light pink platform sandals. Notice too how only wears one simple necklace for jewelry, because when you have a great color palette like this, you don't need much bling! 

Ashley - Never Without Lipstick

Just as the title of her blog suggests, fashion and lifestyle influencer Ashley always makes sure her makeup is on point. Never Without Lipstick is a destination for the true fashionista and modern trendsetter, a place where most outfits look like they catwalked right off the runway and onto the street. 

Ashley's looks are sleek, chic and always on trend, and her blog is a great place to visit if you're looking for the latest seasonal essentials. For her whole collection of stunning and stylish looks, check out her instagram, @neverwithoutlipstickblog

This outfit is a terrific example of how different styles can be blended into one eye-catching daytime outfit. Ashley's light blue shirt is more professional, semi-formal attire with its ruffles and long, Victorian-esque balloon sleeves. However, her distressed black skinny jeans are very casual contemporary. 

Ashley finishes this look off with a long beige crossbody bag and a pair of black ankle strap heels. Notice how she opted for a slicked-back ponytail so the outfit itself would be the main focus. It's a simple-enough outfit overall, but it is stunning. 

Sage Wilson - So Sage

Sage is a Dallas fashionista who takes the lifestyle portion of "fashion and lifestyle blogger" seriously. Take a look at her website, So Sage, and in addition to great style inspiration you'll find advice on everything from home decor to healthy eating. 

A true Texas free spirit, Sage's style is whatever she wants it to be on any given day. She wears everything from breezy dresses and frills to leopard print and graphic tees. Visit Sage's instagram (@sosageblog) for the whole range of her inspiring free-spirited looks. 

What better way to embrace your unique easygoing spirit than to rock a pair of short overalls? We're loving the bright red color on Sage's overalls, and love how she went with the trendy "one strap undone" look. It's a fun, casual look that we'd love to wear on a summer down around town!

Notice how Sage went with a white tee and white sunglasses, helping the color of the overalls to pop extra brightly. But she didn't go simple all over— look down at her feet, and she's wearing sparkly sequin sneakers! It's a daring twist when the main focal point of the outfit is obviously the overalls, but it works wonders!

Audrey Stowe - Audrey Madison Stowe

Dallas girl Audrey is all about living that big, bold Texas lifestyle. One look at her eponymous fashion and beauty blog, Audrey Madison Stowe, and her spirit is tangible. It's all about bright, bold colors here!

Sneak a peak at Audrey's instagram, @audreymadstowe, and you'll see just about every color the rainbow has to offer! Her clothes are a stunning array of bright prints and crisp solid colors, denim

Audrey's such a colorful fashionista, that we went ahead and chose a look that features a rainbow!

The rainbow kimono is the main eye catcher here, but let's not pretend that the other pieces don't stand out. If anything, the denim cuffed shorts and loose white tank top stand out even more as an ensemble thanks to their contrast against the faded rainbow hues of the kimono. 

Audrey finishes the look off smartly with a woven handbag (the beige color does not overpower the other pieces in this outfit) and pair of fresh white sneakers. If you look closely, she does have some simple necklaces around her neck and a few rings on her fingers, but they are just subtle complements to the outfit as a whole. To make the outfit your own, try a pair of the hottest sunglasses to top it off!

Jean, Stia, and Katherine - Bishop & Holland

Bishop & Holland is a Dallas fashion trifecta! Jean, Stia, and Katherine are not your average fashion bloggers sharing a website and an instagram page. For one thing, there's three of them. They're also family. Jean is Stia's mother and mother-in-law to Katherine, and they all bring their individual tastes and styles to the fashion closet!

Still, these Dallas ladies do have one big fashion preference in common-- long, colorful dresses! Take a look a their shared Bishop & Holland instagram page (@bishopandholland), and you'll see photo after photo of different variations of these dresses in just about every hue you could think of.

Three great dresses, three great looks! We love how fresh and breezy this long, maxi print dresses are. This style of dress is always the perfect go-to for summer, and they're often as comfortable as they are beautiful. 

Look closely, and you'll see that each of these ladies completed their outfit with slightly different accessories. The handbags are all different, but they work extremely well with the dresses they are paired with. Likewise, they are each wearing a pair of flat sandals that complement both their dresses and their selected handbags. 

Alexis and Samantha - A Double Dose

Here is another Dallas fashion family of bloggers, only this time we have identical twins Alexis and Samantha! Aptly called, A Double Dose, their blog is a two-hitter when it comes to all things fashion, lifestyle and beauty! 

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Alexis and Samantha both went on to work corporate jobs before they deciding to realize their dreams of running a creative business. A Double Dose was born soon thereafter, and it's been going strong ever since!

As smaller-figured ladies, the twins specialize in petite fashion. Alexis and Samantha each run Instagram pages (@Alexis.Belbel and @SamanthaBelbel) that are filled with high style looks for those who are smaller sizes. They also showcase the individuality of the two sisters.

Black and white almost always looks good when put together, even when it's two different outfits! On the left we have Alexis in an ensemble outfit that consists of a white crop top and matching white high waisted shorts with button and ruffle detailing.

On the right is Samantha, both contrasting and complementing Alexis in an all black jumpsuit with spaghetti straps. Notice how each of them added in some gold jewelry pieces for a more polished look. We also love their contrasting up and down hairstyles that reflect the opposing color tone theme. 

Krystal Schlegel - Krystal Schlegel

Krystal Schlegel set up her eponymous blog, Krystal Schlegel, back in 2010 (when she was in college), and it's grown into one of the most successful fashion and lifestyle blogs in the nation! She's been called out for her great sense of style by both Who What Wear and Town & Country, and she's partnered with numerous top fashion brands. 

Perhaps the key to this Dallas influencer's success is the fact that she has remained incredibly down-to-earth through it all and has an approachable, easygoing sense of style. The majority of Krystal's outfits consist of what she calls "wearable neutrals", and she's most often depicted enjoying life outdoors.

Take a look at her instagram, @krystalschlegel, and you'll see a stunning array of outfits in gentle whites, browns and blacks. Here's one of our favorites!

This look is everyday chic, but it's the balance here among the pieces that really makes it work. The light wash raw hem denim skinny jeans look sophisticated with the loose button-down white shirt tucked in at the top. Meanwhile, the jeans help make the shirt not look too formal.

The accessories then tie the look together beautifully, with the black belt in particular helping to draw the focus to the middle (where the shirt and jeans meet). Krystal finishes the look off with a pair of simple, strappy beige heels that maintain the look's light, sleek feel.

Tristan Dennington - The Polished Posy

Tristan Dennington lives just outside of Dallas and cites "Audrey Hepburn, Mary Tyler Moore, Kate Middleton, and Lauren Conrad" as her all-time favorite style icons. It doesn't take long to realize she's perfectly serious. Her wardrobe is a perfect blend of modern and classic sophisticated style! 

As Tristan's blog name (The Polished Posy) indicates, this is one influencer who is always polished and ready for anything! Her style is enlightened and worldly, with an array of pleasant prints and polished neutrals that would look sophisticated in most modern cities. That said, Tristan's all about florals and often incorporates flowers into her photos even when she's not wearing them! 

Here's one of our favorite Tristan looks, but check out her instagram (@thepolishedposy) for more!

This is such a charming look that shows off how red and pink can work together without being too overwhelming. Here, Tristan looks downright poised in the midi-length red polka-dot dress, and the light pink crossbody bag draws the look together. 

Although this outfit is simple at its core, the key is in the details. In addition to polka dots, the dress is intriguing with its ruffled sleeves. Likewise, the purse has a bow detail subtly that draws the eye. Tristan finishes the look off seamlessly with a pair of beige heels that do not distract from the bold color and details of the outfit as a whole.

Stephanie Jackson - Steph Taylor Jackson

It's hard not to start smiling when visiting the fashion and lifestyle blog, Steph Taylor Jackson. Frequently spotted in bright red and other cheerful colors, it's easy to see blogger and content creator Stephanie loves life and freedom of expression. 

Stephanie launched her first fashion blog as a college student, but now years later she is a full-fledged lifestyle influencer and social media pro. Her style is effortless streetwear chic, and when she's not wearing red or a similar bright color, she's still wearing red lipstick! We love browsing through her fun outfits on Instagram (@stephtaylorjackson), and here's one of our favorites!

How gorgeous is this dress? Any bright orange maxi dress is sure to catch the eye, but this one is truly showstopping with its long flowing layers, loose sleeves and plunging v-neck front. 

When you have such a great piece like this dress, you really don't need a ton of accessories. Notice how Stephanie wears no jewelry and finishes the look off simple with a pair of sandals and bright red lipstick

Jorge Gallegos - I Am Manchic

Whoever said fashion bloggers could only be women? Jorge Gallegos is an exciting influencer and journalist from Mexico by way of Dallas who currently splits his time in New York. His appeal is not only his great style but his charisma and his confidence in knowing exactly who he is. As the title of his blog says, I AM MANCHIC

Jorge's style is bold and bright, with lots of colors and different fabrics coming together to form eyecatching outfits. His Instagram (@manchic) is full of color, and his confidence shines through with each look.

This colorful print blazer is amazing, and while it would look good with a variety of colors we really love how Jorge lets it stand on its own over an all-black base palette. 

Look closely, however, and you'll see that he went with a black tank underneath instead of a button-down or tee. This adds a touch of simplicity and helps balance out the bright blazer. There are other small details of course, like the pointed black boots and the skinny black belt. It all comes together for one memorable look! 

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