Why ModestMira Sets A Great Example for Instagram Fashion
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Why ModestMira Sets A Great Example for Instagram Fashion

ModestMira (Instagram, Website) is a prime example of how a great influencer should be carrying themselves online: Positive and stylish. Even if you're not sticking around to see what's in style for the season, you can stay for the kind words that significantly improve your day. So who is ModestMira and what is she all about? Well, here's a look!

About ModestMira

ModestMira is Amira, a Manchester-based influencer and stylist. She has been running her blog since 2015 to share her love of fashion and inspire young women (with a touch of her trademark modesty.) Thankfully (for us), she loves blogging and sharing her opinions with stylish, like-minded individuals like ourselves. Her audience has grown significantly in the past few years because she's managed to make us feel as great as we look. In addition to her blog, she also offers a YouTube channel in which she elaborates on her style (and how you can look great as well.)

ModestMira's Style

ModestMira's style goes as follows:

  • Minimal
  • Urban
  • Making high-street clothing look as if they were designer made

In addition to this, her finger is always on the pulse of what's next in fashion. She's always on point when it comes to the brands everyone will be wearing in the next few months.

Content Worth Checking Out

In addition to her Instagram and YouTube page, ModestMira has some fantastic work on her website as well. Some of her blogs worth checking out are:

  • Beauty & Skincare — On this page, ModestMira discusses different skincare brands and how well they work.
  • Travel — This page is where she discusses her many adventures traveling abroad.
  • Good Reads — This is where she shares different books she has been reading that keep you feeling great.

Style Examples

In the pic above, it showcases her style that mixes both street and upscale clothing. It can be seen hailing down a limo or carving down the streets on a long board.

In the pic above, it shows the clever mix of branding and color pallets. Once again, she proves that mixing punk and luxury can work.

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