5 Ways to Wear the Trendy Men’s Bucket Hat This Winter
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5 Ways to Wear the Trendy Men’s Bucket Hat This Winter

Although the bucket hat isn’t new, it’s back in style again. This trendy topper traces all the way back to fishermen and farmers in the early 1900s who wore it to stay dry in the rain. Later, according to the CR Fashion Book, troops in the 1940s would wear a version of the hat in olive drab. It wasn’t until the ‘80s and ‘90s that the hat really took off as a fashion item, and it was rocked by bigtime music artists like Jay-Z and LL Cool J (check out his 1985 look). 
The big benefit of jumping on board with this trend is that it’s not just a winter trend – it’s all over the runways for spring 2019 (i.e., Valentino’s spring bucket hat), too. Check out five great ways to wear the bucket hat this winter. 

The Denim Bucket Hat 

That denim jacket and your favorite jeans are versatile enough to look great with about anything, and the denim bucket hat is the same way – it looks great with any winter outfit. Think it looks great now? It’ll only get cooler as it wears and distresses, giving you a chill, old-school vibe. The great news – this hat will look just as great with spring styles as it does with your winter outfits.

Go with Corduroy

Corduroy is officially cool once again according to GQ, and John Legend actually rocked a full suit in corduroy. Try the trend yourself with a corduroy bucket hat. The texture of corduroy adds some interest to the hat. Wear it with your favorite pair of corduroy pants, a turtleneck, and a leather jacket for a fresh look.

Do Double Duty with a Reversible Hat 

Make your bucket hat do double duty by going with a reversible option. Make it sporty with a mesh reversible bucket hat or go with a casual two-tone duo in two colors that go with everything you already have in your closet. It’s the perfect way to enjoy two hats for the price of just one.

Enjoy Soft, Warmth with Cashmere 

There’s nothing like cashmere for keeping you warm during the winter, and a cashmere bucket hat is soft and cozy, keeping out the cold. Go for a classic look by choosing a cashmere hat in a houndstooth print. Mix it with your favorite plaid looks or wear it with your simple solids.  

The On-Trend Brown Bucket Hat  

Tilley Endurables (US) TSSB1 London Bucket Hat - Black - S

Tilley Endurables (US) TSSB1 London Bucket Hat - Black - S


GQ notes that brown is the men’s shade of the season, so a brown bucket hat like the one Eminem is wearing is definitely on trend. 

Try the brown trend with a bucket hat in a coffee shade that goes with anything. This fashion-forward accessory lets you try the style without investing in a new wardrobe of clothing. For a smart look, combine an Oxford shirt beneath a textured sweater, add jeans, and then top it off with your brown bucket hat. 

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